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Who is Ivory D “The Father of Rap”?

Ivory D is 220 lbs (OK, I lied 240lbs) of pure love. He loves life, children and of course the ladies!!! He is bald, “big boned” and beautiful. He is 7 years happily married with two children. He knows he’s hip, funny and crazy. He is every day man. He has a family, job and most importantly a dream.

How did Ivory D get his start?

I love Rap Music. Listen to it whenever I can. Problem is, I’m a father of two children. As much as they love the beats, they can’t listen to it because of the content. The songs are explicit in nature and not suitable for my younger ones. I decided to create my own rap songs with the same cool beats, but with subject matter everyone can listen to. My raps are kid friendly. No gill nets were used. No animal testing. Pure Grade A, Rap. Fresh! Believe it or not, I have a day job as well. I am a video editor for a TV show called. “Access Hollywood.” A colleague at work was tragically killed while pursuing his dream. Billy Bush, the host of Access Hollywood, held a fundraiser to raise money for his wife and two children. One of the auction items was to have the opportunity to create your own song with the help of very talented musicians. Ivory D bid and won that item. The result, “Tearin It Up.” Now I am trying to pursue my dreams. You can help!

Who are Ivory D’s musical influences?

I think Eminen, Ludacris, 50 Cent and Jay Z are great. Snoop Dog opened the door for all these cats. I love the comedy of Weird Al. The real catalyst for the boom of the Caucasian American Rap of course has been KFED! Popozao!

What is “Tearin’ It Up about?

The song is the story of Ivory D’s life. It explains who I am and how I became Ivory D “The Father of Rap”. The silly goofy man you see is how I am in real life. Some say the “D” is for dork, but it really is Doug, my real name.

Who are those other people in the video?

The other two dorks are my Board of Directors (BOD’s). They have Ivory’s back. The rest of the cast are family and friends. My “music video wife” is a beautiful woman who is the spitting image of my real wife , who is a little camera shy. A little video trivia for you, my real wife is in the video. Tell me who she is and you might win a prize. Remember the hint: she’s camera shy.

What’s the deal with the dance everyone does?

This is the Ivory D dance. It was inspired by my cousins. Mrs. Ivory D used to be a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. She took the song and made it fun. You should really try to learn it. Take my song and the Ivory D dance to any party and you will be a Hit! Or will get hit ! (Disclaimer – Ivory D is not responsible for any and all violence that occurs when song is in use ).